Complexe Scolaire Rockseed is a mixed secular private institution located at sector 31 of Bobo Dioulasso, district of Dafra, Houet province, region Hauts Bassin, precisely on the road to Léguéma.

It is an institution that aims to provide education (general and technical) according to the official program in Burkina Faso. It particularly aims to prepare students for life: they ensure effective awareness of their responsibility and prepare them for education and integral formation both professionally and physically, scientific, moral, civic and cultural.

PENN STATE is a university located in the state of Pennsylvania, and is one of the largest universities in the United States of America. The representative of this university in Burkina Faso was attracted by the Rockseed School Complex for its interest in English.

The latter therefore visited the complex; She exchanged views with the school's first officials, in order to absorb the institution's project for English. At the moment discussions are underway in order to establish a partnership between the Rockseed School Complex and PENN STATE. This partnership will allow the students of the complex admitted to the Baccalaureate exam to pursue their studies at this university and even to benefit from scholarships in certain fields. The practice of oral English at the level of the complex will then facilitate the steps in this perspective.

Visit the PENN STATE UNIVERSITY website here:

Because the school complex is Rockseed worries more than the school life of students, it protects, prepares and facilitates the socio-professional integration by offering additional services such as:

1. English courses begin since Nursery School

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Photo English Day 2nd Edition 2015-2016 School Year


Rockseed school complex has a boarding scheduled for mentoring high school students and only for boys. The internship place is organized to ensure the success of the internal as you can see by visiting us at Complexe Scolaire Rockseed!


The School Rockseed complex includes a Bilingual Kindergarten

(French - English) organized as follows:

1.Little Section